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6 Top Tips for Basket Optimisation

Basket optimisation is all about getting the customer over the final hurdle, it is important to remember that making it as easy as possible for your potential customer is the least you can do to get them over the line. Doing this you will realise more sales on your website and have a happier customer. There are many great companies that can assist you with basket optimisation like Cloud IQ, but here are some great tips to get those conversions going. Make it easy Make your checkout logical Read more [...]

When You Just Don’t Want An iPhone: The Best Competitor Smartphones Out There

For many, their choice of phone is as strong as their religion. You’ll find Apple devotees that will never touch anything other than the iPhone. Then you’ll find the Android lovers that throw scorn on the Apple franchise. The truth is, both Apple and Android are fantastic platforms for the smartphone market. Although the iPhone has generally dominated the market, its reputation has dipped over the last 12 months. Some of the biggest tech commentators have put their faith in Samsung and others Read more [...]

Should I Go for the iPhone 6+?

Apple’s iPhone has long been one of the most popular smartphone franchises in the marketplace, and the latest flagship offerings, the iPhone 6 and 6+, are intended as the next evolution of the iconic device. Both the iPhone 6 and 6+ feature a larger screen, faster processor and other upgrades to the previous generation iPhone, making both excellent options for users looking for the latest iteration of the iOS experience. The iPhone 6 does have a few premium features to set it apart from the standard Read more [...]