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Australian Mobility Is Growing

In Australia the smart phone has huge market penetration. There are few countries in the world where a larger percentage of the population owns a smart phone. The present figure is around 65% and that exceeds all but four countries worldwide and those countries do not include the major Western Economies. Growth has risen from just 37% in 2011, through the halfway mark in 2012 to the present figure.   There are several reasons which do not just apply to Australia.  It can be something as simple Read more [...]

Free Spotify On Mobile (other Spotify news)

Until recently, music fans could only make use of Spotify's free, ad supported, streaming service on their laptops or computer devices, with the option to be able to stream via their smartphone at a cost. That cost involved a monthly subscription fee which, unsurprisingly, many consumers were reluctant to pay. In a bold and arguably risky move by Swedish company Spotify, however, their popular free service is now accessible to both smartphone and tablet users, meaning that those willing to put up Read more [...]

Brain Training

Online poker is a game that is played by millions of people worldwide, with operators including Unibet offering the game either for people to play for fun, or for real money, dependent on preference. It is a game that combines both elements of skill and luck and where the most skillful players will earn the most money over the long term. Have we got your attention? If you choose online poker as a way of earning some extra dollars, then how are you going to increase your skill level to the Read more [...]