Tips for Choosing the Right Smartphone for your Travels

Packing a smartphone in your bag can help enhance your travel experience. You can use your phone to book hotel rooms, access local maps, and read reviews of cafés and major sights More »

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Tips for Choosing the Right Smartphone for your Travels

Packing a smartphone in your bag can help enhance your travel experience. You can use your phone to book hotel rooms, access local maps, and read reviews of cafés and major sights at your next destination. However, choosing the right smartphone can present a unique challenge. There’s a wide range of different phones, providers, and network technologies to sift through. The right option will depend on several factors, including your budget, security needs, contract obligations, and where you’ll be travelling. It’s helpful to keep the following tips in mind as you get started.

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Choose a Network Compatible with your Destination

One of the first factors to consider is whether or not your network will work abroad. You may see an advertisement for a brand new phone with a high quality camera, satellite navigation, and other travel-friendly features; but if it won’t get any service on your travels it won’t be of much use. Most countries use the GSM network, so if you choose a service contract that is compatible with this you should fine that your phone works abroad. Some providers use the CDMA network, however, particularly those in the United States or Canada. If you plan on travelling within these locations, a CDMA phone would be ideal. On the other hand, phones on a CDMA network wouldn’t work in Europe, South America, or Asia. Fortunately, there is a happy medium between these two, called a “global phone.” These devices work with both CDMA and GSM networks, although you may need to switch the SIM card when you travel to a country on a different network.

Compare Different Phone Features

In addition to thinking about the type of payment plan and network to choose, another decision to make is what features to look for on your smartphone. Most travellers will want to choose a phone that comes equipped with a long battery life, along with GPS, Wi-Fi connectivity, and apps like Skype or Google Voice. It’s also ideal to have a high level of storage for media files along with a good camera to capture moments as you travel. It’s best to think about your travel plans to compare and contrast features. Will you need to work on the road or update your blog? Do you plan to use your phone for local phone calls or to dial internationally?

These are just a few factors to consider as you start comparing options to find the perfect smartphone for your travels. With such a wide range of options on the market today, you stand a good chance of finding something that will fit within your budget while suiting all of your needs.

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Tips for Traveling in Spain

Spain is an extraordinary country with such a variety of places to explore, people to meet, food to try, music to hear… and the list goes on. Whether you love being outdoors or exploring museums, going out on the town or sampling delicious tapas and wine, you will feel like you’re in paradise in Spain. It’s a country with many quirks, so it can be helpful to have a few tips to follow before you go!



Keep in mind when you visit Spain that from about 2-5 pm each day, there is a siesta time where most businesses close and people go home to rest. Cafes and restaurants will still be open during this time, so if you want to be out, it’s best to plan for lunch around this time and dinner after 9! The culture in Spain eats dinner very late anyway, so you’ll fit right in.

Late night fever

As previously mentioned, the time for eating dinner in Spain is generally quite late. Most people won’t even think of going out for dinner until 9 pm! This is when you’ll see the restaurants begin seating people outside and the appetizers start coming out. Because people eat dinner so late here, the nightlife scene begins after midnight and goes easily until sunrise. So if you’re a night owl, you’ll feel right at home here.


Don’t expect super fast Wi-Fi in all of the cafes like you would at home. While you will find Wi-Fi available, it may not be up to your expectations everywhere. To counter this problem, bring along a device that can transmit Wi-Fi for you so you don’t have to miss an email. I connected Wi-Fi in Spain to all of my devices easily so work and personal catch-ups were not a problem.

Bathroom protocol

Don’t expect TP to be there for you in every restroom in Spain. If this is going to be an issue for you, it’s wise to carry a packet of tissues with you while you’re out and about town. Also, keep in mind that many light switches are actually on a timer, so you’ll have a minute or so and then you’ll have to flip the switch again!