Top casino games for your tablet

using tablets

Tablets are quickly becoming one of the preferred devices used for online casino gaming. Players are not opting for them over the small smartphone and the larger laptop. Tablets fulfill a niche that has been open for a device to fall somewhere between as a happy medium. Given the size of this device, many casino game designers have had to reconfigure some casino games in order for them to work optimally on a tablet.

using tablets

Microgaming, one of the leading developers of casino software, has formatted two popular casino games to work well on tablets. European Rolette Gold is one top casino game that can be enjoyed on a tablet. With its updating, the game can take advantage of the entire display screen which is pleasing to many players. The stunning and crisp graphics are another aspect of European Roulette Gold which further broadens its appeal. Other new features have also been added. Included in the game are a racetrack as well as a board which records the history of certain numbers being spun. These updates make this tablet game hard for online casino gaming fans to pass up.

Another top casino game adapted for use on tablets by Microgaming is a redesign of the slot machine game, Tally Ho. This slot machine has five reels which allows for 9 pay lines. With the Tally Ho slot machine, tablet users can partake in this funny twist on dry British humour. Featuring Mr. and Mrs. Fox, the Tally Ho slot machine provides a lot of exciting action. The game includes symbols that feature aspects of everyday life in Britain. The graphic technology used in this game is rather advanced as are the sound effects. With very realistic animations, it is easy to see why Tally Ho is a popular game for tablet users.

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